Employee satisfaction can be described as the sense of well-being that employees gain from their work and is the basis for every employee within every organisation. The sense of wellbeing that employees experience influences several aspects of their work life, including: commitment to the organisation, job motivation, enjoyment in going to work and being a team player.

Once an employee has a sense of dissatisfaction it can negatively influence their motivation and commitment. This can in turn means that an employee might look for a different job, but it can also mean that it will lower their level of performance or negatively affect their colleagues.


Why conduct an employee satisfaction survey?


There are five main reasons as to why it is beneficial for organisations to conduct an employee satisfaction survey:

1. Shows satisfaction levels throughout your organisation

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey will provide you with detailed insights into the levels of satisfaction in your organisation. For example, you will be able to see which branches in your organisation have the highest satisfaction levels, as well as the satisfaction levels on a team level.

2. Provides valuable data and insights

Once your employee satisfaction survey has been completed, you will have access to a wealth of valuable data and insights. The insights you’ve gained will enable you to see which subjects influence satisfaction levels.

3. Highlights the successes and challenges

After careful analysis of your employee satisfaction survey, it will become clear where the successes and challenges in your organisation lie. With such information you can make sure the challenges are addressed, whilst helping to ensure that the positives in your organisation become best practices.

4. Compares your organisation

Comparing your employee satisfaction survey results with a good benchmark allows to see how your organisations stands in comparison to others. By creating such insights, it can really help you decide where to take action, and where not to.

5. Identifies long term trends

When you conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys, you can compare your current scores with those from the previous survey in order to follow trends in the results. This will provide insight into the effectiveness of the improvement measures you have taken.


At KM Global Consulting we understand how important your employees are. Working in the business field it is often found that employees lose their interest in what they are working on and become disengaged.

KMGC would like to assist your business to create an engaged and driven employee work team.

Teams are an important aspect for business productivity, when employees do not work as a team, when they slow down or are not fully engaged in their work, it damages the production within the business. Building a strong united team of employees should be the ultimate aim of any business.


What can your management team work on to encourage engagement?


1. Talk to the employees!

Making your employees feel respected, cared for and looked after goes a long way in building up the relationship dynamic between your business and its employees. We can design a survey for your employees based on finding out how they feel, how they think of your business and how they react to management and other employees. Conduct personal group or individual discussions with your employees to build up the trust element and let them know that they are being looked after.

2. Be open with them!

Trust is a highly important factor in building up the relationship with your employees. If they know that they can work with the management as a team in an open unthreatening manner then they are more likely to be motivated to work harder and be more driven for your business. Having an open door policy with your employees by informing them that the business is not concealing anything from them is part of the process of building up the trust factor. After KMGC has conducted the employee survey, analyze and discuss the results with your employees and help them to become a part of solving issues.

3. Take action!

Once the survey has been conducted by the KMGC team, and the results have been analyzed and discussed by the management and employees; the question to ask is; what’s the next step? At this stage it is highly important to take the next step in building up trust with your employees. Take action! The follow up aspect of the survey is a vital and a very necessary part of survey work. Without following through on the results of the survey the whole process would be a vein fate and will have the complete opposite effect with the employees. Instead of being positive and excited to be part of your business the employees will become disengaged and unhappy.


All of these tips are designed to assist your business to build up trust, relationship and team work, with your employees. These aspects in turn build on the engagement of the employees and the engaged employees will in turn work harder and be more efficient within your business.


KMGC team is dedicated to working with your management team in designing surveys that will build up the team dynamic of your business. Repeating these surveys on a regular interval will help improve your employees work experience as problems are found, solved and further solutions are made.


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