5 human resources challenges every industry in South Africa faces – and their solutions

Every industry has its challenges and the human resource industry is no different. There are many human resource solutions in answer to these challenges, if only you know where to look. Some of the challenges facing the industry can be difficult to deal with effectively, but with the right team of professionals at your back, you will be able to address these concerns directly.
What are the top challenges facing the human resource industry? 
Here are five of the top challenges facing the human resource industry in South Africa today:
  • Change management: Change management in particular presents a specific challenge for personnel management. Many companies have tried to adopt different human resource solutions but without adequate support and expertise, it’s rather difficult. An intensified focus on training and development is needed to develop competencies among staff to effectively deal with change management.
  • Leadership development: Leadership development has to be a critical strategic initiative. HR professionals are expected to provide the essential processes, tools and structures to make the best choice and development of future leaders inside the company.
  • HR effectiveness measurement: How can your HR department improve without the right tools?
  • Succession planning: This can also be challenging for any HR department to handle.
  • Staff retention: Keeping your staff happy and at a high retention rate is one of the key challenges that your HR department will need to address.
Source: www.crs.co.za