LCN: Finance and Admin Manager





The Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) is dedicated to offering supportive services to its members through networking, leadership, information, training, coordination and representation of their interests when dealing with Government, international NGOs, donor agencies and others.

LCN Members have been classified and organized into now 6 sectoral Commissions for effective coordination and management of members’ programmes. The main objective of establishing Commissions is to group NGOs with similar objectives and or programmes together to facilitate networking among members and as well as coordination. The main purpose of the post of the FAM is to provide strategic management, leadership and guidance in developing and implementing guidelines and procedures governing finance, human resources and administration support systems. The FAM will report to the Executive Director for the following key responsibilities:


Primary Responsibilities Key Performance Indicators
i. Provides strategic leadership in finance, human resource and administration management. a) Finance, human resource and administration reports.


ii. Provides technical guidance in developing and implementing guidelines and procedures governing finance, human resource and administration support systems. a)       Technical guidance reports

b)       Policy guidance and development plans


iii. Maintains and enhances proper guidelines for information dissemination and records management.


a) Proper recording reports

b) Adherence to financial systems report


iv. Monitors expenditure and revenue collection.


a)       Financial reports



Key Responsibilities on reviews of procedures and guidelines governing finance and administration systems Key Performance Indicators


i. Recommends guidelines for installation of security systems to safeguard property and assets of the Council. a) Recommendation guidelines report.


ii. Implements the LCN procurement plan. a). Procurement implementation report
iii. Reviews Assets Register and advises Executive Director on matters relating to procurement, maintenance and disposal a) Recommendations on the assets register


iv. Advices Executive Director on accidents and losses a) Accidents and losses Reports


Oversees transport management systems Key Performance Indicators
i. Advices the Executive Director on transport management issues including transport policy a)       Report on the transport management issues



The efficient use of financial resources to achieve optimum output – key responsibilities Key Performance Indicators


Advises the Executive Director of the need to change or amend existing accounting systems to achieve improvements.



a) Recommendations document on the improvement of the accounting system

Advises Executive Director on the status of funds.


a) Report on the status of funds


Responds to any observations or queries from the external auditors for accountability and transparency.



a) Report to the auditors





Monitors expenditure and revenue collection Key Performance indicators
i. Implements internal controls and liaises with the Executive Director regularly to maintain set standards of accounting systems.


a) Accounting reports



ii. Submits all accounting information relating to funded projects in a manner that has been agreed with the funding partners.


a) Financial reports



iii. Conducts surprise checks regularly on the use of petty cash to verify the correctness of balances and records.


a) Reports



iv. Advises project officers to ensure that they comply with financial rules and regulations. a) Memorandum on the compliance


v. Monitor all cash inflows and outflows from bank accounts to ascertain cash a) Cash flows statements reports


Handles administration of salaries and fringe benefits Key Performance Indicators
Checks the payroll to determine appropriateness of salaries and benefits.


a) Payroll inspection report



Ascertains timely processing and payment of leaves and terminal benefits.


a) Staff leave schedule




Handles staff welfare and safety of employees Key Performance Indicators
i. Advises staff on code of conduct, terms of appointment and conditions of services a) Memorandum to staff
ii. Creates awareness of Health and Safety Standards and procedures. a) Minutes and reports
iii. Counsels employees on personal/social problems that affect work. a) Report
Investigates accidents in the workplace. a) Report
Organizes employee welfare service as prescribed by policies and procedures.


a) Report
Assesses validity of claims on annual increments and awards based on performance. a) Assessment report
Oversees the maintenance of Human Resources information a) Staff complement and profiles


Coordinates the activities of the unit Key Performance Indicators
Develops annual objectives for the Finance department to provide direction, guidance, and approves department’s work plans to ensure adherence to LCN’s objectives.


a) Finance department work plans




Reviews training plans and submits to Executive Director for approval. a) Reviews training plans
Undertakes the annual staff Training and Development budget. a) Staff training and development budget
Ascertains timely filling of performance appraisal forms. a) Performance appraisal report
Appraises administrative staff to assess their performance and to enhance individual development.



a) Performance appraisal report





Performance Management Key responsibilities Key performance indicators
Approves staff work plans to ensure adherence to LCN’s plans and objectives.


a) Staff work plans



Reviews staff training plans and submits to Executive Director for approval.


a) Staff training plan recommendations


Ascertains timely filling of performance appraisal forms a) Performance appraisals
Be part and support LCN management team activities a) LCN management team attended



Education and Training

Chartered Accountant

Work Experience

At least two (2) years working experience in Finance and Administration, experience of NGO environment is an added advantage.

Knowledge and skills

  • Leadership and coordination ability
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Planning and organising skills.
  • Appreciation of basic Administration/ Business Administration/Finance principles
  • Knowledge of Staff employment regulations, Code of conduct and Financial Regulations.
  • Computer literacy – Pastel Accounting Software and spread sheet.
  • A valid Driver’s licence.


  • Visionary
  • Self-driven
  • Innovative and creative
  • Patient
  • Integrity
  • Courteous
  • Team builder