GCC HR Professionals cite Tech and Talent Management as Top Two Trends for 2018

By The HR Observer
Technology (with particular focus on AI integration) and Talent Management will be the most prominent trends to affect HR across the region during 2018.
After interviewing hundreds of GCC-based professionals present at the HR Summit & Expo at Bthe end of 2017, research from Informa and The Talent Enterprise has determined that talent management and the use of technology are the two most critical HR trends to watch for in 2018. 36% of all professionals surveyed identified these two areas as key HR development trends for all organisations wanting to achieve positive and intelligent transformation.
Successfully implementing emerging technologies, with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, was cited as a priority likely to be very high on most HR departments’ lists in the coming year. Survey participants predicted that, “AI is likely to be integrated with current technological systems in 2018”, and, “it is important to utilise the power of technology to streamline the current HR practices”. Other participants highlighted how technological advances will likely be exploited to assist in decision-making processes related to talent management.
Talent Management was identified as the most prominent trend of 2018, which is perhaps unsurprising given that it includes a wide array of activities, such as training, coaching and new recruitment practices. Identification of this key trend is emblematic of changing attitudes in the GCC, regarding the necessary role of HR to gain a true understanding of people’s value within the company. As one respondent pointed out: “Employees are the heart of the organisation and drive it to ultimate success”. This shift in attitude is a crucial step towards redesigning the future of work and transforming the workplace into truly an engaging and enjoyable place to be.
Overall, the survey’s responses indicate a positive drive towards rapid change occurring in the world of people and productivity. Trends identified are innovative talent management, increased use of smart technology and predictive analytics to assist in decision-making, working towards an enhanced corporate culture and a more positive and productive workforce – they all paint a picture of a modern, dynamic workplace that values its employees and works towards their personal development alongside professional growth.
Hoda Abdelhay, HR Portfolio Director at Informa commented “Across a wide range of industries in the GCC, we are seeing a rapid shift in attitude towards the HR function. Increasingly, organisations are looking to elevate HR to the strategic level, so that it can assist in crucial decisions regarding the best ways to implement emerging tech and more effectively manage the assets that matter most – the people.”
David Jones, CEO of Talent Enterprise, the region’s premier people “think & do” tank, added: “Human Resources is less and less about policies and increasingly about implementing ways of working which support more resourceful human beings. This realisation is feeding through to the changing priorities of how talent is attracted, assessed, acquired and activated in organisations across the region”.