Responsible Pharmacist

About Maluti Green Med Holdings

Maluti Green Med Holdings was founded in 2017 and is a world class Cannabis and Cannabinoid producer. Since inception, MGC has been at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry in Southern Africa. We are proudly 51% Basotho owned company committed to enhancing economic opportunities for Lesotho through ethical leadership. Maluti Green Med is a vertically integrated licensee with a patient centered focus. We are positioned to add value to the global industry through product innovation and novel genetic offerings.

About the Role

MGM seeks the placement of a Responsible Pharmacist, who shall be responsible to the Medicines control authorities of Lesotho and South Africa for complying with all the provisions of the respective Act and other legislation which may be applicable to cultivation and extraction of medicinal cannabis pertaining to the scope of practice of a pharmacist and the legislation applicable to the Company which shall fall under his or her personal supervision and who is registered as such in terms of the various Acts.

The Responsible Pharmacist must ensure that he or she is in fact continuously supervising the Company on site in Lesotho and must have the appropriate qualifications and experience in the services being rendered in terms of cannabis and pharmacy as a whole.

The Responsible Pharmacist must ensure that they are appropriately registered with the governing council of Lesotho.

Further, the Responsible Pharmacist will be mandated to take corrective measures in respect of deficiencies with regard to inspection reports of the Company within the ambit of the Medicines Act and its alternatives and in addition to the general responsibilities must also ensure that unauthorized persons could not by lawful means obtain access to medicines or scheduled substances on the premises.

Lastly, the Responsible Pharmacist shall be required to establish policies and procedures for the employees of the Company with regard to the acts performed and services provided in the Company surrounding the medicinal cultivation and extraction of cannabis substances  and ensure the safe and effective storage and keeping of such cannabis derived material together with scheduled substances under his or her direct personal supervision whilst ensuring correct and effective record keeping of the purchase, sale, possession, storage, safekeeping and return of cannabis its medicines or scheduled substances.

Key Performance Areas 

  • GMP Compliance
  • GAP Compliance
  • GAcP Compliance
  • Quality Assurance and Control throughout the processes

Key Performance Indicators 

  • GMP Compliance by Pre-Pack Unit, Receiving, Warehouse, Stock Control, Checking, Invoicing, Dispatch and Distribution
  • Quality Assurance Improvement Programme
  • Quality Control throughout the Depot process from Procurement, Receiving, Warehouse, Stock Control, Checking, Invoicing, Dispatch, Pre-Pack

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy
  • Registration with the governing council of Lesotho.
  • Experience in Administration, Human Resources and Management 
  • Strong oral and written communications skills 
  • Strong organisational skills 
  • Strong customer and personal service
  • Computer proficiency (MS Outlook, Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint etc.)

How to Apply

All applications must be sent directly to stating MGM-P-Lesotho in the subject line.