Sales Managers – Maseru and Mafeteng

Purpose of the Role

Responsible for managing the district’s resources and executing the strategic efforts ensuring that Avon products and services effectively reach the area’s consumers through the direct selling channel. The individual is the link between the Division Sales Manager and the Consultants, and has the responsibility of communicating both upward and downward while continuously motivating the Business Leader and Consultants to service the customers within the market.

Key Accountabilities

1. Reaching sales and profit contribution performance objectives of the district through:

  • Prospecting, recruiting, appointing and training a sufficient number of Consultants per campaign to achieve orders, sales and customer service growth as per their forecast
  • Training and motivating Consultants to ensure sales and customer service growth
  • Analysing district opportunities and developing action plans. The plans should evaluate:

– Market opportunities;
– Representative potential;
– Customer potential;
– Alternate support;
– District expenses

  • Development and maintenance of the Business Leader
  • Development and maintenance of Alternate Support personnel (e.g. stand-in Manager)

2. Implementing the area’s strategies to achieve the sales and/or profit objectives while maximising penetration of targeted consumer segments

3. Implementing business plans and key objectives to achieve financial returns, including:

  • Sales
  • Consultants Stencil
  • Total customer service
  • Order count
  • Expense budget
  1. Effectively managing the district’s Consultants and Business Leaders, and therefore ensuring the district’s customers are serviced appropriately through the:
  • Training and development of Business Leaders and Consultants differentially, based upon their sales potential, to achieve maximum sales growth.
  • Establishment of a loyal organisation of Business Leader’s, and Alternate Support personnel, and Consultants, who are committed to increasing customer service.
  • Acting as a role model supporting the development of Consultants, Business Leaders and Alternate Support personnel.
  1. Ensuring that existing resources (human and financial) are managed appropriately to optimise performance within the district.

6. Conducting one planning day per campaign, which focuses on identifying and scheduling and appropriate plans/tactics, targeted to achieve objectives as agreed upon with the Sales Manager.

7. Planning for achievement of the area’s objectives as expressed in the Key Performance indicators (KPI’s)

  • Sales growth
  • Staff growth
  • Active Business Leaders
  • Active consultants
  • Orders growth
  1. Contributing to the Division’s sales and/or profit through:
  • Achievement of annual sales and Profit Plan goals.
  • Achievement of Quarterly objectives.
  • Seeking and exploiting marketing opportunities.
  • Maintenance of the Business Leaders and Alternate Support structure capable of supporting the district’s business.
  • Effectively planning resources through the planning day and campaign planning process.
  • Maintaining accurate records of Business Leaders and of Consultant sales performance.
  • Updating and maintaining accurate records
  1. Contributing to the Company’s success by developing a competitive awareness within the district and among the district’s Business Leaders and Consultants and reporting competitive activity when appropriate.

Key Competencies

Qualifications, knowledge base and experience

  • A matric certificate essential
  • 2 years Sales experience
  • Strong business acumen and understanding of how business works
  • Ability to manage sites over a large geographical areas
  • Applicants must reside in the area / must be willing to relocate within the area
  • Must be in possession of a valid driver’s license and own car


  • Recruiting
  • Must be capable of prospecting, interviewing, recruiting and appointing the appropriate number of Consultants.
  • Motivating
  • Must be capable of inspiring both the Co-ordinators and Alternate Support personnel and consultants staff to achieve the district’s sales and customer service objectives.
  • Training
  • Must be able to transfer the necessary knowledge of Avon in a workshop training or individual situation.
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Must communicate clearly and effectively in individual and group discussions/ presentations.
  • Planning/Follow-up
  • Must effectively plan for the utilisation of resources, be well organised, consistently meet deadlines and follow-up on assignments within limited time constraints while maintaining own personal quality of life.
  • Decision Making
  • Must be capable of making effective decisions within the limited time constraints.

How to Apply

All applications must be sent directly to stating SALES-MSU (for Maseru) and/or SALE-MFT (For Mafeteng).